TTC Timeline

Spring 2002- Meet T
July 16, 2005- Get engaged
May 21, 2006- Get married!
February 2010- Time to have a baby! Ha!
March 2011- Finally go see my GP about not being pregnant yet (wish I had gone sooner). Got referral to OB/GYN (should have gone right to an RE)
June 2011- HSG shows septated uterus, OB/GYN says its no big deal, here is some clomid to help speed things along. Bloodwork looks fine, T's SA is "excellent"
Sept-Nov, 2011- 3 Clomid cycles- BFN. Meanwhile, not convinced that a septum is "nothing to worry about" I ask my GP for a referral to an RE (The amazing Dr. N)
November 18, 2011- First meeting with RE. He is shocked that my septum was not dealt with, also says that my HSG showed a polyp...hmmmm, the OB/GYN never said anything about that
End of November, 2011- In office hysteroscopy shows large polyp and large septum...I need surgery!
January 25, 2012- Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy: resect septum, remove polyp, tubes are open, no endo, everything looks good! You'll be pregnant within a few months...and I believed them...
April 17, 2012- Sick of waiting, go back to RE
May-July, 2012- 3 Clomid and IUIs - BFN...likely moving onto IVF
August 8, 2012- Meet with RE to discuss "next steps"...IVF will be sometime Sept/Oct. Now considered "unexplained infertility".
August 29, 2012- Follow-up hysteroscopy shows small septum remains but no need for more surgery at this point.
Sept 5, 2012- IVF Orientation
Sept 9, 2012- Synarel nasal spray begins
Sept 19, 2012- AF's arrival means stims start soon!
Sept 21, 2012- First day of Menopur and Bravelle
Oct 2, 2012- Egg Retrieval- 19 eggs
Oct 3, 2012- Fertilization report: 12 eggs were mature but only 2 fertilized...heartbroken
Oct 4, 2012- Both embies transferred. Stick babies stick!
Oct 17, 2012- Dark second line on HPT!
Oct 19, 2012- Beta #1...572!
Oct 25, 2012- Beta #2...3577
Nov 7, 2012- First Ultrasound...2 healthy peanuts with 2 strong heartbeats! WOW!

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