Tuesday, March 26, 2013

27 Weeks and officially on bedrest

Well, I guess the MFM that I saw last week was unclear about me not being on bedrest because I AM! I finished off work last week and then had my first visit on Saturday from the "Antepartum Care at Home" nurses (they will visit twice a week and call every day) and I am DEFINITELY on bedrest. I have to keep a record of baby movements, vaginal discharge and contractions and report it to them each day. At 28 weeks I will get once weekly non-stress tests at home too. CRAZY! Sheesh, I was really hoping to avoid being a high-risk pregnancy but I guess my body has other plans. I tend to get about 2-4 contractions an hour...which on their own, isn't the issue...it's the fact that I'm having cervical changes as well that's the issue. I have my next ultrasound and cervical measurement next Thursday (the 4th). I am SO hoping that it has stayed the same or even gotten better now that I am reclining or laying down all day! I am trying to keep myself occupied with books, movies and Netflix and so far it's working but I'm sure I will start to get bored soon...and this is only day 4 of bedrest! So...if anyone has suggestions of good movies, TV shows or books, let me know!

This brings me to the topic of single-embryo transfer, which had always been our plan until we only got 2 embryos and had to transfer on Day 2. I guess I am a PERFECT example of what they are trying to avoid by doing SET's. My clinic is pretty strict about transferring only one at a time for people who are "good prognosis" (young, no history of multiple failed cycles etc) unless they think there is a good chance you won't get pregnant at all if they transfer just one (like in our situation). I fully believe in doing SETs to decrease multiple-births related to fertility treatments (kind of hilarious, considering my current situation). When I worked on a pediatric ward I saw many many formerly premature babies in with pneumonia, influenza, feeding issues, cerebral palsy etc. And we know that twins are at much higher risk of being premature. I know this is controversial, and its not like I am regretting my twins (I am so incredibly in love with these babies, please don't get me wrong!) but a singleton pregnancy would have been much lower risk. Just food for thought. Its hard though, to make the decision to transfer only one when there is so much money involved. You want to give yourself the best chance when you are laying down that kind of cash! However, there are studies that give almost equal pregnancy rates with one good-looking blastocyst transferred as compared to 2 or 3 transferred but with a non-existent multiples rate. Still, it's a hard sell! I think the solution is better funding for IF treatments. In Canada, only one province (Quebec) funds IVF and they have decreased their multiple-birth rate dramatically (therefore saving the healthcare system millions of dollars in preemie-care). They will pay for 3 IVF cycles as long as only one embryo is transferred in people under 35 and only 2 in people over 35. Paying for these cycles, and therefore avoiding a bunch of premature multiples saves them TONS of money!  I wish all the provinces here would get a clue and follow in Quebec's footsteps! I'm no economist but it just makes sense! Our healthcare system is very different from the States so I am speaking from a purely Canadian perspective. Anyone else have opinions about this?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

26 Weeks (and damn you cervix!)

So...just got back from an ultrasound with a Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor...and it looks like my cervix is not cooperating! I got to have a date with the dildo cam and it showed lowest measurement of 1.8cm (bad!) and highest 2.5cm (OK but not great). The doctor wants me off work as of Friday. The babies look great so they aren't the concern, it's just my stupid body of course. We even got 3D pictures of them. They are SO cute! I just need my body to cooperate so they can be bigger and stronger before we officially meet them! The MFM doesn't want me on bedrest, he just wants me taking it easy and relaxing as much as possible. He'll see me again in 2 weeks and in the meantime a nurse will be coming to the house (not sure how often) to do non-stress tests and keep an eye on me. If I start to feel any strong contractions, I'm supposed to call his office immediately. I actually know a girl who this exact thing happened to her with her twins and she delivered them at 38 weeks so I'm trying not to panic, I just hope I follow in her footsteps! Please send some "long and closed" vibes to my cervix! It NEEDS to behave! We are NOT ready to meet these babies yet!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Almost 24 weeks!

Not a lot going on around here! Hard to believe that on Tuesday I will be 24 weeks! That is a huge milestone in any pregnancy since it is considered "viability". Although, according to the OB I saw two weeks ago at the hospital, 23 week babies are able to be saved now. Amazing!  I had my first official OB appointment on Wednesday (up until now, I've just been seeing midwives) and really really like my OB. Unfortunately at the hospital I'll be delivering at, it is a bit of a crap-shoot as to which OB will attend your delivery. Some are amazing and others, not so much. (T works with all of them and there are some he wouldn't let touch me with a ten-foot-pole he says, so hopefully they won't be on-call when the time comes!) We'll just have to hope and pray that if I do end up being able to deliver vaginally, that a good OB is on-call. I am becoming more and more used to the idea that there is a pretty good chance I'll need a c-section though, which is huge for me since I used to be (before infertility messed up the trust I have in my body), very pro natural birth. If the presenting twin is breech (or both are), I'll need a c-section for sure. Not ideal but hey, at this point, it's all about getting them here safely and healthy! Maybe they'll listen to my lectures and stay head-down like they were at the last ultrasound. Time will tell!

T is making amazing progress with the cribs (I'll get a picture up at some point). They look great! Also, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are planning a shower for me on April 7th. So close! Crazy to think that I will be having a baby shower! I honestly still don't believe I am getting babies out of all this! I don't think I will believe it 100% until they are in my arms! One cool thing is that they are moving SO much lately. When one of them kicks hard, you can see my tummy jump and yesterday I even saw one moving under my skin! Kinda freaky! Anyways, hope everyone has a great week!