Tuesday, February 19, 2013

22 weeks and some drama...

I've made it to 22 weeks! Yay! We even bought carseats on the weekend because they were on sale. But alas, things cannot go smoothly for long with me. Last night I started to feel more and more Braxton-Hicks contractions and by this morning just felt miserable. Really crampy and an upset stomach. I went to work but basically did nothing because I had no energy. At lunch I finally called my midwife's office and they sent me straight to the hospital for potential pre-term labor. UGH! I spent 4 hours there getting bloodwork, urine tests and a vaginal exam. They don't think that the babies are in any imminent danger of being born but that I must be very careful to monitor my symptoms. The OB that I saw today said that if my cervix is any shorter at my next ultrasound (in 2 weeks) then she wants me to go off work. CRAZY! I'll only be 24 weeks! Of course I'll do it because I will do ANYTHING to ensure these babies have the best chance but I was not expecting to be off work that soon. So...say and little prayer for me and the babies if you think of it! I want them to cook for MUCH longer!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anatomy Scan

The ultrasound went well yesterday. Both babies are growing and doing what they are supposed to! It was so amazing to see them interacting a bit...at one point Baby B was sitting on Baby A's face making it very hard to get a profile picture of Baby A! Typical siblings, fighting already! The tech anticipates that I will have ultrasounds about every 4 weeks now but we'll see what my midwife and OB say. We managed not to find out the genders! It was really tempting though but we stayed strong!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Weeks!

I'm "half-way" through my pregnancy...although there is no way that I will go until 40 weeks so I'm definitely more than half-way! My anatomy scan is tomorrow which I am SO looking forward to! I can't wait to see them again! Like I said in an earlier post, we aren't going to find out the genders but I'm sure it will be VERY tempting once we are there in that ultrasound room!

The other day I thought I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions which kind of freaked me out. I paged my midwife who reassured me that they can start a lot earlier in twin pregnancies but to keep a close eye out for other signs of preterm labor. Ugh. That gave me a few rough days when I was sure that every twinge was the start of labor! Now that I've had this "contraction" feeling for a few days, I'm actually thinking that it is the babies shifting around, it seems like only part of my stomach gets hard so I don't think that would happen with a contraction. I am definitely feeling them move a lot more now. The other day in church, one of them was doing somersaults! What a cool feeling! I think he/she liked the music!

Work has been VERY stressful lately which is hard...I just can't wait to go on mat leave! One year off! Hurray for Canada! Sorry to all my American readers! I am an RN but I don't work in a hospital. I work in a public health office where we do immunizations, communicable-disease follow-up (TB etc), breastfeeding support, answer random questions, go and do health presentations in schools etc. Our upper management recently decided that we don't work enough evenings and weekends to "meet the needs of the community" so they are going to totally screw with our schedules! It is so frustrating because they never even did any kind of study or anything to see if people would use our services more on the weekends and evenings! With their new "improved" schedule they are proposing, we will be working more than quadruple the number of evenings and weekends we do now. UGH! That's going to make child-care very difficult once I come back to work because T is a nurse as well and works shifts. Why these "manager" people make decisions without actually talking to us or our clients, I will never know. It's making work a very unhappy place right now! STRESSFUL!

Well, since I am typing this at work I better go...I'll let you know how my scan goes tomorrow!