Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vacation Time!

Yeah! Our summer vacation time is finally here (although a little different than we had originally planned...). I am such a bundle of stress and nerves right has been busy, lots of pregnancy announcements, planning for the IVF, stressing about how much this all is going to now I am going to RELAX! For this weekend we are headed to Vancouver Island (so beautiful, highly recommend a trip to BC for those who have never been) to fish for BIG (15-30 lb) salmon with T's parents then coming home for the hysteroscopy. Wednesday afternoon after the test we will drive straight down to Portland, spend a few nights there and then head to the coast, driving/surfing/camping the way home. My goal for the week is to try to think as little about IVF and babies as I can (not sure how successful I will be) and just be present in the moment. I am such a "planner"so I am always thinking 3 steps ahead. I think I miss things that are happening around me by always looking for something that is to come. Ask me when I get back how successful I was at turning my mind off! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and tries to live in the moment a bit as well. I'll try to post after my hysteroscopy on Wednesday if T will let me at the computer (he thinks I spend too much time on this thing!)


  1. Yay for vacation. Hopefully you can relax, at least a little, although I know there is no *forgetting* about all of this is. Have a great time!



  3. Sorry I'm so late checking in - I had a crazy weekend last week and then I didn't feel well for a few days. So now I'm anxiously catching up on your blog!

    Hope you're having a good vacation (or had a good vacation if you are back home now), and that your hysteroscopy went well!