Friday, October 19, 2012


Blood is I'm waiting...

I'm home on bedrest for OHSS today. Yesterday I barely made it through work my stomach was hurting so much and I felt so yucky. I guess this is a "good" sign but damn it's uncomfortable.

My mom is obsessively calling to check on me and to find out my results. I'm sad that she is going to find out about my pregnancy (if the results are good today) over the phone. I haven't told her about the positive pee stick because I know she will freak out in excitement and call our entire extended family so I needed to wait for the bloodwork. I always imagined that we'd come up with a creative way to tell my parents, brother and sister-in-law when we got pregnant. Infertility ruins these things!

I'll keep you posted once I get the number.

Is it weird that my positive test is sitting on my kitchen table where I stare at it multiple times a day? I can't believe my pee actually made that line!


  1. Crossing so many fingers. Can't wait to hear the news!!! :) :)

  2. Yay! So hoping for good strong numbers today!

    And, no, not weird at all. My pee sticks stayed on my bathroom sink for well over a week! I wanted that constant reassurance. Plus it was the first time I ever got 2 lines - I was not ready to throw that away!

  3. YAYYY!!! so happy for you :)

  4. FX for great numbers!!!
    I don't think this is weird at all. I would probably have one on the kitchen counter, one on the night stand, one in my purse and and and.... :)

  5. Everything crossed for you lovely!

  6. I'm with you...IF took away my dreams of surprising my hubby especially with our positive test results. But the way it happened for us turned out to be pretty special anyway.

    I totally kept my positive digital test out on the counter in our bathroom until it ran out of battery life and shut itself off.