Tuesday, April 23, 2013

31 weeks

Sorry I've been majorly neglecting my blog...just not a lot going on here! Had another ultrasound last Thursday. Cervix is 2.1cm and babies are growing well. They will likely take me off the "official" bedrest program that I'm on next week if everything looks good at that ultrasound. I am so sick of the dildo-cam! I thought I'd be done with it after graduating from the fertility clinic but when you have cervix issues they do measurements with the wand! I think I should tally up how many dildo-cam encounters I've had since this all started! Luckily my 32 week ultrasound will be the last time they need to measure it....the end is in sight! 

T and I have spent the last few evenings sorting through bags of used baby clothes that people have given us, washing them and hanging them in the babies' room. Now it's really feeling more real! We have a closet full of baby stuff! During one of my allowed bedrest outings, we went to a local Carter's store and man was it hard not to buy out the whole store! There is soooooo much cute stuff out there! I think not knowing the genders really helps curb the spending because if I had known what we were having, we would have come out of there with a lot more than the $50 worth of clothes that we did end up buying! And we both promised each other we were "just looking" and wouldn't buy anything....HA! Well, I'm trying to write thank you notes for the shower a couple of weeks ago and keep getting distracted. Better get back to it! 


  1. 31 already? Wow!
    I have everything crossed that you'll be off bedrest by next week.
    I simply love that you haven't found out the gender yet. Life has only very few true surprises and I find this to be one of them. If it also helps to save some money even better :)

  2. So glad all is looking good. I've been thinking about you!!! I know bed rest is no fun at all, but it sounds like your's is way more strict then mine!!! I can't wait to see what you guys are having!!!!!!

  3. I was looking forward to your next post! Is it becoming more real? A friend of mine who found out she was having twins and was put on bedrest really early said, "Who has twins? Real people don't have twins!" I think she was in denial/shock until they both arrived!

    1. Yes, I think I'm still in a bit of denial...after so long trying to get pregnant and then such a stressful pregnancy...just doesn't seem like I'm actually going to get two babies out of this!

  4. I admire you being able to hold out on knowing their gender. I would have broken by now! Won't be too much longer and you will be meeting those babies! Ahhhh! :)

  5. I'm so excited that things with the cervix have stabilized. I've kept you in my thoughts. Hopefully they can gestate a little longer!