Friday, June 14, 2013

No babies yet!

We are still at home! I've been brought into the hospital 3 days in a row only to be sent home because they either didn't have enough nurses or enough beds on the maternity ward! Why they keep calling me in only to send me home again several hours later, I don't know. I think I just have terrible timing, I get there and then as they are preparing to admit me, someone more urgent comes in! They always hook me and babies up to monitoring in the assessment room, monitor us for awhile, wait for the OB to come assess me, order some blood work etc and then come back all apologetic that they have no room for me! Tonight I was actually admitted to a labour room, the orders were written for the oxytocin and they were about to start the IV and then my nurse got called away to help another patient. Over an hour later they came back and said they needed to send me home! We are getting so frustrated! I joked with T that we pretty much suck at becoming parents! Nothing ever goes smoothly! Well, hopefully I'll have some better news soon!


  1. What a pain! I hope the next appointment is the real deal. Best of luck, and can't wait to "meet" the little ones!!

  2. Wow I cant even imagine how frustrated you must be. Hang in there, it cant be long now...

  3. Well I'm late to commenting on maybe the babies are here as I write this....I'm hoping so much so!!!!