Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My, how life has changed!

Hi friends! I'm so sorry that I have been absent since letting you know that Tyler and Claire had arrived! Life with newborn twins is absolutely crazy busy! I knew it would be busy but absolutely nothing can prepare you for reality! I can't believe that they are a month old already. This month has been the hardest and most wonderful month of my life. It is pretty indescribable how much I love these little ones.

We got to come home from the hospital the day after they were born which was great but we were a little unprepared for it. That first night at home was just awful. They cried all night. My milk hadn't come in yet and the tiny bit of colostrum that I was producing was not at all enough. My nipples were bleeding and we were just exhausted after 3 nights of no sleep. Finally at 8am I sent T to the store to buy formula (something I SWORE I would never do) but we just couldn't do it any more. We gave them half an ounce each and finally we all got a couple of hours sleep. I cried while I fed them that bottle because I so badly wanted to exclusively breastfeed them but now looking back on it, we did what we had to do. Luckily now breastfeeding is going much much better. They haven't had any formula since about 5 days old and I'm a milk-machine. So much milk that they tend to choke on it! My little B cup breasts are now easily DD! I do a double-take every time I see them in the mirror! Babies tend to feed every 2-4 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. They've been gaining weight pretty well. Last Tuesday they were weighed at the midwife office and Tyler was 7lbs 10oz and Claire was 7 lbs 7oz. A friend from work is going to bring a baby scale over tonight when she comes for dinner so we'll weigh them again.

We've had lots of help from the grandmas which has been a HUGE help. After that first night at home just the two of us, we knew we needed to ask for help. Just yesterday was my first day at home with them by myself and it was hard but I survived. Now T's mom is here for a few days. It is just so hard when they both start crying and you can only really console one at a time. At one point yesterday all three of us were crying! If you are expecting twins, make sure you line up a lot of people to help, day and night! We wouldn't have survived without it!

I leave you with a picture of them from the other day. My precious little daughter and son! I still can't believe I can say that! I don't know how often I'll be able to update, there always seems like something to be doing but I'll see what I can do!


  1. Oh My Goodness! Look at how cute and adorable they are! It seems I will need to prepare myself for the initial breast feeding woes with twins. I've heard that from a few twin mommas now. I'm glad it is going much better. I am SO incredibly impressed that you were able to bring them home so quickly!! I hope that I can follow in your footsteps.... Congrats! They are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful!!! You are a milk amazing!!!!

  3. Whew! What a month. They're looking great! You're doing awesome, momma!

  4. Such cute babies. They look so innocent that I cant imagine they would ever cause you trouble . Sounds like you are doing awesome though. Those are some lucky kiddos to have you for a mamma.

  5. It definitely sounds like you've been busy.

    I too wanted to exclusively bf, but like you, after trying to feed my guy and my milk hadn't come in yet, he was crying hungry and my nipples hurt so badly! I took the offer of the hospital to give my guy some reserve breast milk, 3 times! And one time of formula. It saved all of us and after that my milk came in and my guy has only had formula 2 or 3 times (tops) after that and he's now 10,5 months. So glad your milk has come in and you are able to bf your two!

    Keep up the great work!