Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No, I haven't disappeared!

Wow, life with twins is crazy busy! I keep thinking that I should blog and then something comes up and I don't get around to it! I guess feeding, changing and playing with a pair of adorable 3 month olds is the priority though!

Claire and Tyler are doing great. It is so hard to believe that they are 3 months old already. How crazy! We have had our share of challenges...Tyler has been diagnosed with Torticollis so we are seeing a physiotherapist and having to do lots of stretching and strengthening exercises with him. They also were both diagnosed with lip and tongue-ties which makes breastfeeding painful for me and contributes to reflux in both babies. We had their lip and tongue-ties cut but unfortunately it hasn't made much difference....sigh...of course nothing can be easy! I'm still trucking along though and exclusively breastfeeding them. Some days I am sooooo ready to quit but I'm stubborn and won't let myself even give them a top-up of formula...I think if I do then it will be the beginning of the end of breastfeeding for us and I don't think I could deal with myself if I quit now! I have to feed them separately because when I tandem fed them when they were younger they started to choke and needed such frequent burping that it just wasn't manageable. I wish I could tandem feed though, it would save so much time! I think I spent the entire gorgeous summer we had here inside on the couch feeding babies! It will be worth it in the end though! They are gaining weight so well and I feel pretty proud that it is my body that has done that! Anyways, enough about boobs!

We have spent tons of weekends away with the babies which has helped keep me sane. Trips to our property in Washington, my family's cabin, Vancouver Island, Harrison Hot Springs and a bunch of weekends at my parents (about an hour away). I have been so incredibly lucky to have had help pretty much every day since they were born. My mom was off work for the summer (she works in a school) so she was with me pretty much full-time over the summer and then T had knee surgery and has been off work for the last 6 weeks. I am so spoiled! Dealing with two babies at one time is pretty nuts. I feel so awful when I am feeding one and the other is screaming. Breaks my heart but I need to learn to deal with it as next week I am officially "on my own"!

Sleep has been getting better and better. There have been a few nights that they have slept 8 hours in a row but it sure isn't consistent! Last night they were awake every 3 which was so annoying! Hopefully they become more consistent soon! This is one tired mama!

Claire and Tyler both love to play on the floor, kicking and batting at toys on their play-mats...it is so cute! They are getting so strong and so social. They are both full of smiles and have starting giggling. Tyler especially loves to "talk" to us...full of blowing spit bubbles and cooing! Here is a picture of them just after they turned 2 months old. Pretty adorable!

Here is one from yesterday!

Well, I hope that holds you over until I get time to post again! I am reading all of your blogs but just not finding enough time to comment! I am thinking about you all though!


  1. You are amazing!!! So good to hear from you. They are precious!

  2. So good to hear from you! Love the pics of the kiddos. They are adorable. Good for you sticking with the breast feeding. I am super impressed! I am hoping to tandem feed, but it's good to hear from another twin Momma that it's possible to feed one at a time if needed.

  3. Super adorable! Thanks for sharing their little faces with us!