Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And we're off!

So we are officially headed towards IVF! Had our appointment with our RE this morning and he agreed that IVF is the logical next step if we were OK with it. Yep, sign me up! Because of my surgery in January and the small but present risk of scar tissue having formed he wants me to have another in-office hysteroscopy "just-in-case" before we officially start anything. I'm fine with it, even though it delays the IVF by a month...I guess its better to know things are normal in there before flushing thousands of dollars down the toilet. So, September 4 will be the hysteroscopy and IVF orientation and we'll go from there. I think the anticipated egg retrieval will be around the beginning of October. Seems so far away but I'm sure it will go by fast. I'm super excited, T is not. He is mostly worried about how much it is going to cost and that there is no guarantee it will work. In his words: "we don't gamble, and this is gambling a lot of money". He'll come around but man, I hope it works! Another awesome thing...if the timing works out, I could be finding out I'm pregnant on or around my 30th birthday (Nov 1)! Wouldn't that be awesome (on the other hand, could be freakin terrible too, if it doesn't work, but let's think positive!)

On another note, has anyone seen the show Downton Abbey? A lady from work lent me the first season and I'm now addicted. T is working until 11:30 tonight so I'm going to relax and watch a few episodes. So good!


  1. I watched that show while on bed rest after my first IVF. I am also cycling in October but probably a little later than you. Glad you are moving forward.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I agree that it can be so tough to be the only person in your circle going through IF. I, too, am alone in my journey - but I have learned a great deal from stories like yours. I look forward to hearing more but I really hope you get PG before you even start your IVF journey!

    1. Thank you so much! I am learning so much from reading other people's stories as well. It helps to know we're not alone, doesn't it? I'll be checking out your blog and following along with your story as well. Oh, and yes, wouldn't that be awesome to get pregnant right before our IVF? I guess it does happen to some! Not holding my breath though....