Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stupid Pharmacy

So I now officially hate the pharmacy that we use. We've been using a Costco pharmacy for a long time now because they tend to be cheaper than others when our medical plan doesn't cover the meds (like fertility meds for instance). I have now decided that they are incompetent fools. One of our main issues is that they will tell you that your prescription will be ready at "xyz" time the next day and then you will go back, wait in an at least 30 minute line-up (no joke, it is always crazy busy) only to have them tell you that they don't have it ready because of some issue. Sometimes they have lost the prescription. Sometimes they need clarification from the doctor and haven't bothered to get it or sometimes they screw up the dose or the med.

Here is my latest example. Yesterday T went at 4pm after work to drop off my prescription for Synarel nasal spray. First the pharmacy person tells him that it should be ready in 30 minutes. He says "I don't think so, I bet you are going to have to order it in" (we were told by our nurse that most pharmacies have to special order these drugs). She looks at him blankly for a minute and then says "Oh, I guess I should check if we carry this". She comes back to him and says "You're right, we have to order it in. It will be here tomorrow". He asks "Are you sure? We've had problems with this before" and she says "Yes, come after 11am and it will be here for sure". So today I call them at 5:30pm (because I do not trust them and am in no mood to stand in a line) and the be-otch who answered the phone says "Well, this didn't get ordered until 10pm last night (um, WHAT? it was dropped off at 4!), so how would you expect it to be here already?". I then tell her how her colleague promised us it would be here at 11am, it is a very important medication, and why couldn't they call me to tell me it wasn't ready? She has the nerve to respond with "We see 500 people a week, you can't possibly expect us to keep track of all the prescriptions" are a PHARMACY! Keeping track of prescriptions is kind of your job! Argh! The Synarel better be there tomorrow or I am going to flip out on someone. I am considering calling the pharmacy manager or even going higher than that because this happens nearly every time we try to fill a prescription there! T is on a lot of meds for his back and it is rare that something is not screwed up. Luckily we are nurses so we can tell if a mistake is made with a dose or something but what about other people? So unbelievably unprofessional and frankly, dangerous, to have idiots working in such an important area! Clearly they are short-staffed so why aren't more people hired to help so they can "keep track of prescriptions". So frustrated! I was planning on ordering my stim meds through them as well to save a bit of money but now I'm just going to get them from my fertility clinic's pharmacy (It's worth spending a bit more to deal with people who know what they are doing) because I do NOT want that screwed up!


  1. That's ridiculous! And scary to think about for the people that are not nurses going there. Hopefully your meds will be there tomorrow!

  2. I agree with justcyclingalong...that is completely ridiculous and I am SO ANGRY for you! I strongly encourage you to speak with a manager or someone above the manager. Heck, write a letter to their corporate headquarters. Something obviously needs to change and it won't if no one speaks up!

    1. I know I should do something but part of me is like "I have so much going on right now! Do I really want to get involved in this?" We'll see after I go today to pick it up how I feel.