Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oops... think I took a few too many stool softeners...

In non-bowel-related news. Back to work today. Luckily not dealing with babies today (got bitten by an 11 year old I was trying to immunize but hey, such is my life) so was able to keep my mind off things a little better.

Last night we were at a friend's place with a small group of people from our church and I mentioned how we are dealing with infertility. A man who I had never met before all of a sudden speaks up that his wife didn't come that night because she is still recovering from her egg retrieval!  I'm super excited to get to know someone IRL who is dealing with this crap! I sent them both an email today but haven't heard back. I hope my eagerness to share my life story with someone and have an IF friend didn't frighten them away! Oh well.

Homemade pizza for dinner! YUM! Better go.


  1. Great news about meeting someone in real life!! Awesome!!

  2. Had a little giggle about your stool softeners... hope it isn't too bad!
    Hopefully the other couple will get back to you so you can exchange your journey with someone IRL. It sucks that someone else has to go trough this, but it makes it a lot easier if you know you are not alone. Keep us posted how things go.

  3. That's great you found someone IRL to talk to about IF! I don't have anyone around me who I can talk to in person - they are all too far away so we stick with email. But, it's better than nothing.

    Mmmm...I love homemade pizza. Good choice.

  4. You were bitten? Wow, that kid has problems, at 11 years old he should know better!

    1. Yes, and her mom was there and just kind of laughed when I said that she had bitten me. Some people!! Luckily she didn't break the skin. You have no idea what kind of crap we deal with immunizing kids too old to be held on their parents laps! I've been kicked, hit, pushed and called all sorts of names! This was a first for being bitten though!

  5. So what you're saying is... biting people is bad? Hmm.. I may need to adjust my behavior a bit..